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Duokoop is a help-to-buy scheme aimed at making homes more affordable for prospective property buyers.


When a consumer purchases a home using Duokoop to live in it themselves, they buy a portion of the property while the Duokoopfonds purchase the other part. 


Until recently, only banks, pension funds, and insurers were allowed to invest in Duokoopfonds. Now, through Polder Capital - the fund manager of the Duokoopfonds - individuals can jointly purchase a home with the occupant. 


older Capital BV is a Dutch manager of alternative investment institutions within the meaning of Article 2:66a of the Financial Supervision Act and registered with the AFM.


The Fund is registered by the AFM under the number 50033177.

From € 100.000
  • Participation from € 100,0000
  • Issue costs: 1.5%
  • Target total return: 6.1% - 8.9%
  • Monthly distribution
Request information
Signing a contract

Participation risks

To ensure future peace of mind, it is crucial to assess whether investing in Duokookfonds aligns with your needs. Careful consideration of the opportunities and risks is paramount. Investing in this fund entails various risks that could fail to achieve the expected return or even a complete loss of your investment. To make a well-informed decision, we strongly advise you to thoroughly examine the risks outlined in the brochure and the investment memorandum.

     Attention!  This investment falls outside AFM supervision. No licence required for this activity.        


More information

Would you like more information about the possibilities? Then contact Polder Capital or schedule a meeting with a financial advisor.

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