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Our Commitment

Polder Capital has a team with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We have specialized in managing real estate funds for ground leases. We offer fair and transparent products and solutions to investors.

Cor Timmermans 


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Cor Timmermans started his banking career at ING Bank and Standard Bank focussing on lending in emerging markets and bond investing.  In 2005  he joined an alternative assets manager owned by Mellon. In 2009  he ventured into private corporate transactions assisting mid-market companies with funding solutions. In this capacity he worked closely with credit broker Guy Butler Limited and founded the predecessor of  Lobourg Limited. 


Olav Koenders


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After his mechanical engineering studies, followed by Masterclass C++ programming in Cambridge, Olav started his medical device leasing and servicing company in the Netherlands which he successfully exited. After searching the market for other niche opportunities in leasing he founded DNGB ( acronym for De Nederlandse Grond Bank) intending to originate residential ground leases.


Yajeeve Padiwita-Kurver


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Since completing his MBA studies in 2006, Yajeeve has worked as an internal accountant and financial controller at various Accounting Firms. He joined DNGB in March 2013 and has recently joined Polder Capital in 2023. At Polder Capital, he is responsible for accounting tasks as well as constructing financial and cash models and creating management reports for the funds.

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