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We aim for sustainability in all our operations and take measures to minimize this impact

CSR policy of Polder Capital

We integrate sustainability into our business strategy and take responsibility for our actions through transparent reporting and accountability. We invest in sustainable technologies and work to improve working conditions for our employees. Additionally, we contribute to environmental initiatives. Our company remains committed to improvement and continues to adapt to the changing needs of our stakeholders and the environment. We strive for a sustainable future for our company and the world around us.

SFDR disclosure

Polder Capital B.V. is subject to the European Sustainable Risk Finance Disclosure Regulation (2019/2088) (the Disclosure Regulation) and provides disclosures in line with articles 3(1), 4 (1) (b), and 5(1) of the Disclosure Regulation. The company defines sustainability risks as environmental, social, or governance events or conditions that could result in a material adverse impact on the value of its alternative investment funds (AIFs) real estate investments. Before making any investment decisions on behalf of an AIF, Polder Capital conducts general confirmatory due diligence, which includes an assessment of environmental issues, with ESG being a standard topic in the pre-investment due diligence process. The Board of Polder Capital evaluates identified risks and other relevant factors in investment proposals and makes investment decisions according to the AIF's investment policy and objectives.


Polder Capital compensates staff with fixed and variable remuneration, including bonuses, which consider compliance with all policies and procedures, including those related to the impact of sustainability risks on investment decision-making.

In compliance with article 4 sub 1 (b) of the Disclosure Regulation, Polder Capital declares that it does not disclose the adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors as outlined in article 4 sub 1 (a) of the Disclosure Regulation. The company explains that such disclosure and administrative burden would not be proportional due to the small size of its organisation.

ESG criteria




  • With our investments, we contribute to reducing the energy consumption of Dutch households by focussing on homes with the highest energy labels.

  • We make homeownership possible for lower and middle-income households in the Netherlands.

  • Our strategy fits the housing policy of local governments; more new housing supply for low/middle-income.

  • We deliver solutions to make households less dependent on 'expensive' rental properties with limited availability.

  • Our products are fair and transparent taking into account the needs and interests of consumers.

  • our products are market-conform and don't depend on any support or subsidy from (semi)government.

  • Our originator's acceptance policy follows income screening standards set by NIBUD and NHG.

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