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Polder Capital, an independent ground rent Asset and Investment management firm

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The Dutch concept of "polder" and its derived verb "polderen" refers to a unique approach to consensus-building and collaborative governance that has been practised in the Netherlands for centuries.

A "polder" is low-lying land that has been reclaimed from the sea or a river and is protected by dykes. The water levels are controlled by drainage and ditch systems. Locks and pumps are used to retain or discharge water.


For centuries, the Dutch have used a collaborative approach to create and manage their polders. These efforts required extensive cooperation and coordination between individual farmers, local communities, government officials, and water management authorities.


The concept of "polderen" has been applied to a wide range of issues in Dutch society, from environmental policy and urban planning to labour relations and healthcare reform. It is a key element of Dutch culture and identity and is often cited as a factor in the country's success as a prosperous and stable democracy.


To fund the construction of a polder, ground rent solutions were commonly used, so we could not think of a better name for our ground rent asset management business.

Who we are 

We are an independent assets management firm focused on Dutch residential ground rent. The firm is an initiative of servicer and originator DNGB (de Nationale Grondbank) and placement agent Lobourg Limited. 

Polder Capital is focused on expanding its in-house asset management and broadening the services provided by DNGB. In addition to establishing multiple third-party managed vehicles, Polder Capital has recently introduced two real estate funds: the Duokoopfonds 1 (AFM Fonds ID: 50033177), catering to high-network individuals, and the Dutch Ground Rent Fund (AFM Fonds ID: 50032480), catering to institutional investors.

These new funds are set to launch a ground rent product called Duokoop, which has received approval from the Nationale Hypotheek Garantiefonds (NHG) and has obtained a ruling from the Dutch Tax Authority.

Analyzing Data


Duokoop will focus on newly built dwellings (with min. C++ energy label), assisting starters with their first home purchase while supporting an active buyback program on the ground when leaseholders are ready to do so. The Duokoop product is essential for aspirational homebuyers struggling with mortgage affordability criteria.

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Investment Strategy.

Polder Capital acquires land directly from prominent Dutch developers, specifically under newly constructed single-family houses or apartments. DNGB acts as an intermediary in these transactions. The focus of these purchases is on properties that adhere to the highest energy efficiency standards.


DNGB establishes the ground lease right when the land is delivered and the mortgage deed for the construction is signed at the notary's office. The condition for this is that a completion guarantee certificate is provided by Woningborg, SWK, or Bouwgarant at the time of signing.


Through this approach, Polder Capital strives to achieve a long-term cash flow profile that is adjusted for inflation, while allowing investors to participate in the property's value appreciation.

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Residential Developers.

DNGB is in active dialogue with the larger Dutch residential developers to feed its purchase program of land plots. An early start of the dialogue assists the developer with the pricing of its product to incorporate the expected yields achieved in the capital raises conducted by Polder Capital.

Partner Firms.

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Origination & Servicing
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Placement Agent
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Our activities.

Polder Capital is responsible for the daily management and supervision of the investment funds.


 Daily management.

Management and selection of investments included in the fund.



Compliance with laws and regulations and internal guidelines for investment funds


Investment strategy.

Determination of the investment strategy and market analysis to identify the best investments



Regular reporting to investors on the performance of the fund and the investment portfolio


Risk management.

Monitoring and control of the fund's risk through various instruments and techniques



First point of contact for consumers for questions on Duokoop portfolio

Polder Capital BV is a Dutch manager of alternative investment institutions as referred to in Article 2:66a of the Financial Supervision Act (Wet Financieel Toezicht) and registered with the AFM



The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy of Polder Capital encompasses our responsibility for our impact on society and the environment. We aim for sustainability in all our operations and take measures to minimize this impact. We believe in creating value for our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, communities, and the environment.

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